Take a look at some of the comments we have received about this product after receiving the ‘Innovation of the Year Award 2011′

“Thanks for showing me this clever and practical idea in Perth. Although we try to place the 12mm port at the extraction site whenever possible, it does need closure separately on a regular basis (particularly in a high anterior resection)… As described it does provide a simple method for repairing port site hernias. Bear in mind that we are using 5mm ports in the main. I would support its manufacture to facilitate repair of 10 and 12mm defects as it is an advance over using the Endoclose alone.”

“I still have it. It works great.”

“Delighted to be involved.”

“If you have no objection I shall take it to our Private Hospital so my general Surgical colleagues can also trial it as I am sure they will also be very enthusiastic about it… Congratulations on receiving the Innovation award.”

“Warm congratulations on your well deserved award.”

“I have reviewed your outline on this innovation with interest and have shown it to several colleagues involved in the laparoscopic surgery arena… We all believe that it appears very promising indeed. The design appears simple and straight forward and I presume that the execution of the procedure could be undertaken with no risk under laparoscopic vision.”

“Many congratulations. I will contact them for a trial.”

“Congratulations on your award.”

“I hope you have great success with the Port Site Suture System.”

“Well done! An excellent innovation duly acknowledged.”


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